Samas Beach Yogyakarta

Samas Beach Yogyakarta

Samas Beach Yogyakarta

Samas Beach (Kecamatan Sanden Bantul DI Yogyakarta)

Samas Beach is located at the west of Parangtritis beach, at Srigading village, District of Sanden, more or less 14 (fourteen) kilometres on southward of Bantul. From Yogyakarta, you could travel to the southwest for 35 (thirty five) kilometres from downtown. Samas Beach is easy to visit with private or public vehicles since the road is good. Your journey to Samas would be fun with beautiful scenery of rice field and coconut tree along the street.

Samas is famous of it beautiful beach with strong winds, big waves, delta from rivers, and white water lake which is developed to improve fish and prawn farming by the government. However the beach is very dangerous so you have to be very careful.

At the white sand beach, you can enjoy the sea by going to Mercusuar Patehan. There are also bus terminal, parking area, toilet, motels, SAR, electricity, mushalla, and restaurant. Several cultural ceremony are also held at Samas beach such as Kirab Tumuruning Maheso Suro, sea offerings, art and culture exhibition (on holidays and Lebaran days).


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